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On Our Minds

Extraordinary Times, Expert Solutions

Pay for performance is huge in today's tight talent market. Partner with us to review the various elements of your annual incentive plan or to create it from scratch. We're your go-to team from articulating your strategic objectives and researching competitive practice, to modeling costs and finding the best path to implementation. 

Keeping Informed

Our latest find for daily business news with a little wry humor is the Morning Brew. They have a few function-specific daily news summaries, and HR Brew covers hot talent management topics. Be sure to check it out!

Staying Connected with Your
Professional Association

Here in Chicago, we've found that the Executive Club has spot-on content. Their economic forecast starts the year off with insightful analyses from notable pros. Within the Executive Club is the HRMAC Institute, delivering human resource programming well-designed to support leaders in addressing today's talent management challenges.

Driving Toward HR Excellence

Clients large and small are transitioning to an approach to define job families and levels rather than many distinct jobs, reaping the benefits of clearer career paths and a stronger tie to compensation survey data. We’ve seen this quite a bit over the past year in production/hourly populations. Call us to find out how a logical approach to jobs and levels in your company can support managing your talent!

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