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Plan your STIP Payout with Madell Consulting. 

In January, employees launched efforts to achieve their annual goals and earn their short-term incentive plan awards. And then, 2020 happened. Now, leadership must critically assess the range of alternatives in determining plan payouts and the optimal messaging to deliver to employees.
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Networking with Superstars

Avneet Jolly specializes in strategy alignment and business transformation and is the Chief Consultant at Insightory, a consulting firm friendly with Madell Consulting. His article on pay and benefits amid the pandemic offers data on actions several large firms are taking and an approach any company can use when figuring out its response. Take a look here.

Staying Connected with Your
Professional Association

During the Covid-19 pandemic, look to the Human Resources Management Association of Chicago for information. Its publication, HR Leader has relevant guidance from HR experts. Check it out here.

Driving Toward HR Excellence

Clients large and small are transitioning to an approach to define job families and levels rather than many distinct jobs, reaping the benefits of clearer career paths and a stronger tie to compensation survey data. We’ve seen this quite a bit over the past year in production/hourly populations. Call us to find out how a logical approach to jobs and levels in your company can support managing your talent!

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